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Handmade and designed


Welcome To The Garden

Secret Garden Soap is a small, family-owned business located on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia. We think that the rituals of daily life should be as pleasurable as possible, and to that end, we create soaps with abundant lather and intoxicating aromas.

For the past eighteen years, we have been in the business of making small-batch artisan soaps. All our soaps begin with food grade vegetable oils, to which we add exotic extras like avocado oil and shea butter. Essential oils of fragrant plants and top quality perfume oils provide the garden-inspired scents, and some recipes include flowers, seeds, oatmeal, clays or herbs for color and texture.



Green Ingredients

We make our soap using artisanal methods, applied with modern precision. Additionally, every bar is vegan-friendly and biodegradable, with no preservatives or mineral oils. 


Revitalize your skin &
refresh your spirit


Why buy handmade?

Better for your skin. Some things are just better when they are home made; quilts, fried chicken, and brownies come to mind.  It’s the craftmanship of the maker and the quality of the ingredients that account for the difference.

When oils and lye are combined, there is a heat-producing reaction; the result is soap + extra oils + glycerin.   The soap cleanses, the superfatted oils condition and moisturize, and the glycerin stays on the skin as a breathable barrier, keeping moisture in and creating a pleasurable skin-feel.

Commercial soaps and detergent bars utilize cheaper ingredients and fractions of oils.  There is less glycerin produced, necessitating the addition of more synthetic chemicals to compensate.  Even with the additives, commercial soaps can leave your skin feeling dry or tight; many people with sensitive skin suffer reactions to the perfumes and dyes, foaming agents and surfactants.

From Secret Garden’s line of soaps, you can select unscented bars for sensitive skin, super-emollient soap for mature faces, vegan soaps, soaps scented with essential oils of plants, or soaps without additional coloring.  We also offer beautiful bars colored with oxides and clays, which incorporate botanicals and high quality perfume oils.  All of our soaps feed and nurture your skin naturally.

Better for the environment. Our soaps are biodegradable and we keep packaging to a minimum.  In contrast, commercial soaps, especially liquid soaps and shower gels, do not degrade and contribute extra plastic to landfills, in the form of bottles and pumps.

Superfatted & Natural


Skin Savvy

Each bar is superfatted, meaning that there are more oil molecules than lye molecules available.  Each use leaves your skin smooth, soft and radiant.  Some of our clients have stopped using body lotion altogether.  All of our clients find that their daily washing up is a different experience now.  You'll notice the difference, too.





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