ALLERGen Warning

Reactions to soap are uncommon, because soap is a wash-off product. It doesn’t remain on the skin as long as cosmetic products like moisturizers and makeup. When people experience itching after using soap, more often than not it is skin dryness that is the cause rather than allergy. Colorants, fragrances and preservatives can also create problems for sensitive skin. Our soaps contain no preservatives or foaming agents, such as SLS. 

Use good sense when selecting soap. If you have sensitive skin, the best choices are in the Specialty Soaps section. Choose an unscented bar or one formulated for babies or sensitive skin. If those work well, and you want to try a more colorful or fragranced soap, try the Classic Line, which is comprised of soaps scented with essential oils. Be aware, however, that some people do have allergies to lavender, peppermint and aloe vera. Each of our bars has its ingredients listed on its product page. A quick check of the list will tell you if the soap contains something you know you should avoid.

The bottom line is this: natural doesn’t mean trouble-free. If a product bothers your skin, stop using it.


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We do not ship lotion bars, lip balms, cuticle creams and whipped shea butter from May through August. These items contain ingredients meant to melt on skin contact, and may not survive the temperatures reached in transit during the summer. Nor do they do well in hot cars or in direct sunlight. If you have a product that has melted, placing it in the refrigerator or freezer will firm it back up. In the case of whipped shea butter, some volume will be lost, but the ingredients will be fine.