Rosemary Mint

Rosemary Mint


A brisk and refreshing scent in a bar with swirls of blue and green.  A best seller and a sure thing.



Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, water, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, stearic acid, sodium hydroxide, green chromium oxide, ultramarine blue, essential oils of rosemary, lavender and spearmint.

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Pure soap, made with food grade vegetable oils, and enriched with luxurious shea butter. Perfect for hands and body.  Our soaps are made in small batches and scented with specially blended fragrances, cut and wrapped by hand. They will last longer if kept on a draining soap dish and allowed to dry between uses.  As handmade-- not factory-produced--items, their appearance  may vary slightly from the photo.