Buttermilk Bebe

Buttermilk Bebe


Made with pureed carrots and fresh buttermilk, this soap is for anyone, from infants to adults, with dry or sensitive skin. There is a higher percentage of olive oil than in other Secret Garden Soaps, too. Buttery yellow in color. Light lavender fragrance.


Olive and coconut oils, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, buttermilk, carrot puree, lavender essential oil.

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Pure soap, made with olive, and coconut oils, with buttermilk and carrot puree for mildness. Perfect for delicate or sensitive skin.  Our soaps are made in small batches and scented with specially blended fragrances.  They need a bit of care, and will last longer if kept on a draining soap dish and allowed to dry between uses.  As handmade– not factory-produced–items, their appearance  may vary slightly from the photo.