Those who inspire us...

Here at Secret Garden Soap we like to do what we can to promote the spread of kindness, creativity and empowerment across the globe. We want our company to stand for something bigger than ourselves and farther reaching than the corners of our beloved home base of Gainesville, Georgia.


With this in mind we have decided that a portion of the profits from all of our special collections will go to organizations we feel share or in some way represent the values of service and goodwill we hold so dear. The donations from our most recent special collection, Soaps in Loving Memory of The Artist Prince, were and continue to be made to the Boys and Girl’s Club of America. Alongside the donations made from our special collections we will be publishing posts on this blog and in our newsletter highlighting other businesses and organizations that inspire us and remind us daily to do our best to send good vibes out into the world.

This month we want to highlight “The Lovin Soap Project.”  Founder Amanda Griffin and her colleague Benjamin Aaron work tirelessly to promote the empowerment of women in underprivileged communities around the globe. They perform this amazing work by traveling to places such as Haiti, Uganda, China, India and more to teach victims of natural disaster and systemic poverty the skills they need to begin their own businesses.

During a trip to volunteer in Port au Prince after the devastating 2010 earthquake, Griffin noticed an inconsistency in the process of foreign aid. She noticed that while donations of food, clothing and other similar supplies are critical to short term relief they subvert the local economy by eliminating the need for merchandise from local farmers and market, and so “The Lovin Soap Project” was born. Griffin and Aaron’s trips not only include business education but the transport of enough supplies to jump start their learning and success. As it was written by  Griffin herself the work this organization does serves to “push for prosperity, change, hope and a brighter future.” Here at Secret Garden Soap we wish the best to “The Lovin Soap Project” and we want to encourage you, our devoted customers, to donate if you can but more importantly to spread the word about this inspiring project.


Mary Forest