We know soap and water won't clean up all the world's messes...

but they go a long way toward preventing illness and death from unsafe water and the lack of basic hygiene and sanitation facilities. We donate portions of the proceeds of our soap sales to organizations which provide clean water and soap to people who need them, locally and around the world. We also donate extra bars of soap. Here are some of our favorite causes:

Unicef Tap Project for clean water for children around the world 



Global Soap Project



Clean the World



Good News Clinics, Gainesville, GA



World Wings International, the philanthropic organization of former Pan Am flight attendants, partnering with CARE, to end global poverty.



Environmental Concerns

For starters, our soap is biodegradable, and we have never used synthetic beads for exfoliation.  Not only can you feel good about the runoff at your home, you can even use your luxurious soap on a camping trip, with a clear conscience about nearby bodies of water.

Whenever possible, we use Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.  



Furthermore, we strive to keep our packaging functional and attractive, but minimal. The common wisdom is that packaging any product in a box allows you to increase the price, but that’s not our way. We also have chosen not to manufacture liquid soap, despite its broad appeal. We see no advantage to your skin from liquid soap, and no reason to contribute more plastic bottles to the landfill. In addition, we recycle the packaging from ingredients shipped to our facility, and reuse packing materials whenever we can.